SKG PLAST at a glance

>  We are a global company with headquarters in Austria. We specialize in the recycling of plastics – with a particular focus on supporting and handling all the necessary processes involved. You can see us as an all-rounder, so to speak – who can provide you with support in almost any area and phase of the recycling process (click here  to find out more).

>  Our area of expertise is not limited to recycling and plastics, however. As experiences consultants in the field of reuse, we are also able to assist with additional materials. And as traders, we find the best solutions for the use of recyclables. Find out more here.

Advice you can trust: Our company is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard.

A. From rubbish to raw material

Most raw materials are derived from the natural environment. They are extracted from nature and industrially processed in order to enter the economy as valuable materials. In order to keep the depletion of natural resources to a minimum, it is essential that we take resources that have reached the end of their useful life and turn them back into raw materials. This is where we come in.

> Here at SKG Plast we even turn waste materials back into raw materials – helping to protect the natural environment and the limited resources our planet has to offer. After all, that’s the real purpose of recycling and what motivates us to do what we do.

B. From raw material to reusable

We don’t see waste as trash, we see it as raw material – and therefore the basis for creating something new from things that have been thrown away. In this second step, we granulate the waste materials, creating reusable materials which form the basis for the next step.

> With many years of expertise not only in the field of plastics, we can also assist you in this stage as you work towards a truly sustainable method of recycling. > Click here to find out more!

C. From reusable to plastic

The final step in the recycling process – and the one that closes the chain – is turning reusable material back into plastic. This is done by carefully refining the granulated materials to form regenerate. And who knows what amazing things this plastic might go on to be used for? (See a few examples here).

> You can count on us for the last stage of the recycling chain, too. Like to know more? Contact us for more information or to arrange an initial consultation! > Find out more about how we manage recycling!

Conclusion: Waste doesn’t have to be wasted!

Waste materials can be used to make lots of new things. However, achieving the best results requires the right technology, good ideas, and a wealth of experience. You need the professional expertise that comes with having worked intensively in this specialist industry for many years, having carried out advanced training and having conducted research into the latest scientific findings.

Since 2009, we have been working with a global network of suppliers and clients in order to find the right solution for every material and every business. We pay equal consideration to environmental and economic factors, as that’s what intelligent recycling is all about – bringing both worlds together to establish realistic scenarios in which both can thrive.